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Art Focus with Dante Rondo

A Summer Series
Artist and long-term PGAC art teacher, Dante Rondo will teach a series of summer art classes for youth this summer. Classes are open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced young art students. Individual expression and creativity encouraged!
Drawing and Painting 
June 3-7  Monday-Friday Time: 2-5 pm   Ages: 9-16   Cost: $190 Members    $210 Non-Members
This class will focus on elements of drawing and painting.  Foundational techniques with graphite & charcoal pencils, watercolor and acrylic paints. 
Water Based Painting Workshop
June 17-21  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5 pm  Ages: 10-16   Cost: $190 Members   $210 Non-Members
This class will focus on painting techniques using watercolors and acrylics.  Color mixing and application of both painting mediums in the students choice of subject matter and expression. 
Painting Workshop with Water Based Oil Paints
June 24-28  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5 pm  Ages: 12-17 Cost: $190 Member  $210 Non-Members
Creating paintings with water based oils allows students more time for wet into wet blending and techniques, without having to clean up and thin paints with solvents. 
Students will choose their own subject matter, working from photographs, 3D objects and sketches. This class is geared towards young art students that have had some experience in drawing and painting.
Drawing Nature, Animals and Wildlife
July 1-3 & 5  Mon-Wed & Friday  Time: 2-5pm  Ages: 10-16   Cost: $155 Members    $170 Non-Members
The world of nature, landscapes, animals and wildlife are the inspiration for this class.  We will be working in graphite and charcoal pencils, ink and wash, and pastels.
Draw Draw Draw! 
July 8-12  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5 pm  Ages 12-17 Cost: $190 Members  $210 Non-Members
This class will explore diverse drawing media and techniques from Graphite, Charcoal, Conte Crayons, Ink line and wash on white and toned papers. Subject matter will be chosen by each student, 3D objects, working from photographs, imagination, portrait/faces, animals, landscapes, and more! Recommended for intermediate-to advanced art students who want to take their drawings to the next level of refinement, expressiveness and technique. 
Mixed Media Design and Color Workshop 
July 15-19  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5 pm  Ages 10-16  Cost: $190 Members   $210 Non-Members
Expressive use of materials with an emphasis on design and color harmonies. We will work in black and white media, watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils and pastels.  Explore techniques!
Summers End Inspirational Art!   
July 29-August 2  Monday-Friday Time: 2-5pm Ages: 9-16   Cost: $190 Members   $210 Non-Members
Create from your summer travel and inspiration locally!  Turn sketches and concepts into finished drawings and paintings.  Using any or all materials, drawing and painting

*For additional information regarding the workshops contact Dante Rondo  at (831) 626-4259 or

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