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The Pacific Grove Art Center is an arts and arts education non-profit whose mission is to Educate, Appreciate, Exhibit, Encourage, and Inspire. As part of that mission, we proudly host artist studio rentals at below market/affordable rates where local artists are encouraged to work and develop their craft. The artists exhibit bi-annually and at various times during the year with open studios and other events. We hope you are inspired by their work.
Artist Studio Website
Laurie Philip Michaels 1  
Georgia Hamilton 2  
Denis Silver 3  
Quoc D. Tran 4  
Jill Pinney 5  
Margaret Beer 6  
Carla Carpenter 7
Mark Davy 8
Michaela Kuenster 9 Visit Artists Website
Kirsten Raven Asturi 10 Visit Artists Website
Misty Dawn Sherman 11  
Julie Brown Smith 12 Visit Artists Website
Pacia Platzek 15  
Sherard Russell 16 Visit Artist's Websiteemail Artist
Dante Rondo 17 Visit Artists Website
Troy Allan 18  
Anni Bushey 19  
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