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Up Close and Personal:  The Journey Continues
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Showing in our Gill Gallery
Manuello Paganelli - Alpaca Farmer
Manuello Paganelli - Native American Girl
Monica Denevan - Plumeria, Lao 2014
Monica Denevan - Summer, Burma 2010
Richard Murai, Kushti Wrestlers, Kolkata - India 2019
Richard Murai, Strangler Fig, Angkor Thom - Cambodia 2018
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Oceana:  Deep Reverence
Camille Lenore and Ryuijie - Anchovies 2022
Scott Campbell, Pompano and Bubbles
Bryant Austin - Humpback Whale Mother and Calf III
Camille Lenore and Ryuijie - Open Water 2011
Robin V. Robinson, Whale Shark and Swimmer 2
Showing in our Dyke Gallery
Showing in our Annand Gallery
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Ernie Luppi "Bella Italia"
Ernie Luppi, Coca Cola - Madonna 1991
Ernie Luppi Commestibili, Licciana Nardi 1981
Ernie Luppi - Crucifix, near San Miniato al Monte Florence 2011
Ernie Luppi - Stairway, La Spezia 1981
Ernie Luppi - Teresa Mariani,1991
Ernie Luppi - The Bridge, Pontebosio, Italy 1981
Showing in our Boyer Hall
Arts in Progress: Where Photography’s Past Meets Its Future
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Zach-Weston - Generation Ave 1
Zach Weston Lynns, Arcade-3
Ailyne Diaz, 6th grade 2 - Counterpoint Portrait
Selma Ruiz - Santa Catalina HS 1st place 2022
Uriel Chavez, 6th grade - 2 Generation Ave
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Showing in our Small Halls
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Dylan Eden - Big Wave 1
Dylan Eden - Breath
Dylan Eden - Cold Summer
Dylan Eden - Better Spire 1
Dylan Eden - Point Joe Star 1
Dylan Eden "Slowing Down"
NEXT EXHIBIT runs January 6, 2023 through February 23, 2023
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