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Caylah Jean Leas - "Picking Flowers in Monte Del Lago"
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Showing in our Gill Gallery
Caylah Jean Leas - Agua Caliente
Caylah Jean Leas - Auntie Cher and Delilah
Caylah Jean Leas - Mom's Roses
Caylah Jean Leas - Youll Never Know What These Venetian Blinds Could Mean To Me
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Tracy Niewenhous  - "Sometimes the Sky"
Tracy Niewenhous - Halfway Home
Tracy Niewenhous - Even Numbers
Tracy Niewenhous - If We Turn Around
Tracy Niewenhous - Siempre
Tracy Niewenhous - When We Fall
Showing in our Dyke Gallery
Showing in our Annand Gallery
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Monterey County Historical Society "Monterey County History: Through the Lens of Pat Hathaway"
Pat Hathaway, 1970
Chinese Family, Chinatown P.G. Circa. 1905
Monterey Bay Aquarium Opening Oct. 20, 1984
Showing in our Boyer Hall
"Pallet of My Soul, Oceanscapes" by Leo Neufeld
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Leo Neufeld - Asilomar Beach
Leo Neufeld - California Cypress-John Denver Tree
Leo Neufeld - Kissing Rock at Point Pino's
Leo Neufeld - Lovers Point
Leo Neufeld - Pacific Grove Coast
Leo Neufeld - Pacific Valley, Big Sur
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Showing in our Small Halls
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Big Sur Charter School - "FLUID"
Big Sur Charter School\Aidan Klinge
Big Sur Charter School\Eli Garcia
Big Sur Charter School\Hazel Hampton
Big Sur Charter School\Jace Smith
Big Sur Charter School\Will Greybill
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