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A Summer Series of Afternoon Workshops
Artist and long-term PGAC art teacher, Dante Rondo will teach a series of summer art workshops for youth this summer. Workshops are in two categories and age groups. Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced ages 11-16 and intermediate to advanced art students, ages 12-17. Individual expression and creativity encouraged!
Drawing and Painting
June 6-10  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5 pm   Ages: 11-16  (Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced)  
This class will focus on elements of drawing and painting, design and color mixing. Foundational techniques with graphite & charcoal pencils, watercolor, pastels and acrylic paints. Students work from photographs, and imagination, choosing their own subject matter and inspiration. Water Based Painting Workshop
Painting Workshop
June 20-24  Monday-Friday - Time: 2-5 pm  Ages: 12-17 (Intermediate-Advanced)   
This class will focus on painting techniques using watercolors, acrylics, and water-based oil paints. Color mixing and application of these painting mediums in the student’s choice of subject matter, medium and interest. Recommended for youth art students that have some background with drawing and painting, and want to take their work to the next level of excellence and expression.
Drawing and Painting Nature, Animals and Wildlife
June 27-30 July 1  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5pm  Ages: 11-16  (Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced).
The world of nature, landscapes, animals and wildlife are the inspiration for this class.  We will be working in graphite and charcoal pencils, colored pencils and pastels and acrylic paints. Utilizing photographic reference materials for sources of inspiration.
Mixed Media-Drawing & Painting
July 11-15  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5 pm  Ages: 11-16 (Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced)      
Expressive use of materials with an emphasis on design and color harmonies. We will work in black and white media, watercolors, inks, acrylics, colored pencils and pastels.  Explore your creativity and inspiration! Create your own unique art while learning new techniques.

The Art of Drawing 
July 18-22  Monday-Friday  Time: 2-5pm  Ages: 11-16  (Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced)      
Study techniques of drawing, line, shading, contrast and design. In this class students will have options to explore diverse drawing media in black & white and color. Graphite pencils, Charcoal Sticks and pencils, Ink, colored pencils and pastels. Utilizing photographs, imagination and 3D objects. Portraits/faces, animals, landscapes and more! Recommended for intermediate-to advanced art students who want to take their drawings to the next level of expressiveness and technique.

*Note on registration and payment for any sessions. Please register and pay at least one week ahead of class starting dates. We will run classes with a minimum of 4 students. If the class does not fill, options will be a refund, or to apply payment towards another class during the summer session.

For more info and to register contact Dante at: 
(831) 626-4259 / email:
Workshop Fee: $240 per workshop
Minimum of 4 students to proceed and maximum of 8 students
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Summer Youth Art Workshops with Dante Rondo 2022
July 25-29, 2022
We will construct puppets using socks, sticks, shadows and papier mâché. Spontaneous play acting follows which helps develop social skills and puts their imaginations to work! Some scenery and props will also be produced to enhance their stories.
with Cherie Rousseau
When:  Monday-Friday
Time:  10:00 am
12:00 pm
Ages:  6-10 years old
$250 per workshop (includes materials)
Contact:   For more info and to register or (831) 206-4246
*Class size limit 8
July 11-15, 2022
Using pen and ink, colored pencils, Cray-pas, markers, ball point pen, students will draw from real life and their imaginations. We will invent several cartoon characters and work on a story illustration.
July 18-22, 2022
Techniques are presented and young artists experiment using tempera, acrylics and watercolors with their own subject matter ideas. Elements of design and composition will be used as well.