Ongoing Wednesday Classes
Life Painting Group for Adults (uninstructed)
Uninstructed long and short poses, ideal for drawing and painting. Includes both nude and clothed figure models.
Every Wednesday from 6:00-9:00 pm
Warren Chang 1st & 3rd) 831-277-8474 or
Larry Fones (2nd & 4th) 831-277-1895 or

(no class on 5th Wednesday)

Guitar Ensemble
Directed by
Anthony DeMers

When: 5:30-7:00pm
Where: Annand Gallery.
Who: Nylon string guitar players interested in playing 2,3, and 4 part ensemble music in a fun, casual, and supportive setting.

What: Each session will begin with a technical warmup, some scale playing, and a bit of sight reading. After that we will be working on the 3-4 pieces chosen for the season. Lastly, we will finish with some music listening and an opportunity for players to perform solo pieces for the group.

Why: Guitar playing with others is really fun and it
s always a good time to brush up on your music reading and rhythm skills.

Cost: $120 per month
Contact: (831) 566-7054 or

Qi-Gong Class
6:00pm Wednesday

Daoist Yin & Yang Organ
Exercise, Golden Ball
$50 per month
Located in the Gill Gallery
Contact Joshua at
or text (831) 917-3412 for details