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Art Exhibit “Elevation”

Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation (MPAF)

The Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation was conceived in the late 1970's in Dick Crispo's living room. Founding members included Kay Cline, Ilene Tuttle, Rudolpho Nava and of course Dick. We received our 501-c3 status in 1981. We will gladly accept donations.

The Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation was founded to bring artists together for fellowship, the exchange of ideas, and to further art education of the artists and the public. We hold workshops and lectures, have a scholarship fund, and maintain this website of our members' work. We have an All Member Show each year and sponsor a limited membership gallery at 425 Cannery Row in Monterey. We support public art work and cooperate with other groups in public activities. The current President of M.P.A.F. is Charlotte Hallam and the Membership Chair is Jan Zeigler

Membership in M.P.A.F. is $20 a year and is open to anyone. If you are interested in membership, please contact Jan Zeigler By long tradition, M.P.A.F. does not jury an artist's work. If we are showing in a gallery that limits what it accepts we will state the limitations in the call for art.