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Art Within Reach, Cash and Carry Gallery

The first question we get at the gallery when someone falls in love with an artwork is often, “When can I take it home?” Part of the fun of buying a piece is being able to take it with you right then. Our cash n’ carry gallery, Art Within Reach, allows purchasers to immediately take home something they love; it also appeals to out-of-towners who can buy art and not bear the brunt of shipping costs.

Our “cash and carry” area, in the Gill Gallery, will allow purchasers to immediately take home something they love. The exhibit features a variety of media. Artists are chosen by invitation from past exhibitors and studio artists. The selected art is available and affordable, with prices ranging from $50 to $600. Enjoy our new art—and if you see something you love, take it home today!

Participating artists for Art Within Reach: Helene C’de Baca, Kerry Conbay, Rachell Hester, Sam Hisey, Joan Skillman, and Sandie Srigley.