Artist Statement
Majestic Trees of Monterey County

This series has been a part of my life for over ten years. It all began when a friend sent me a wonderful photo of
Old Veteran at Point Lobos. I asked him if I could use the image, and that set me on this journey. Old Vet was the first of many tree paintings.

Using watercolor on heavy paper, I begin painting an abstract underpainting to establish some darks and lights. When it is completely dry I draw the image to the paper. I try to translate the beauty I see onto the paper by eliminating or adding details to the composition. I love the way watercolor blends wet into wet to get wonderful abstract touches to the painting.

In this show I have both new works and a collection of some special paintings that are on loan from collectors. I want to thank them for sharing them with all of you.

Cheryl Kampe