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In Memoriam . . .

The PGAC is sad to announce the passing of Connie Pearlstein, one of our longest resident studio artists. We’re grateful for the contribution Connie and her talent made to the art center. Words written about Connie when she left her Sunday sitter job say it best:

“No matter how hard we look, we will never find another  person with that particular combination of wit, knowledge and sense of order that is Connie Pearlstein. Her dedication to the Art Center was  unwavering; she was an inexhaustible source of information about the history of the Art Center, and the Monterey Peninsula art scene in general; her knowledge of the town of Pacific Grove was amazing. She greeted visitors and showed them through the galleries as well as performing her office duties without fail. She was the spokesperson for the Art Center, our public face and persona, and the one person everybody knew at the Pacific Grove Art Center.”

We honor you Connie, and we miss you!

Open Wed - Sat, 12 to 5 PM • Sun, 1 to 4 PM • Closed Mon. and Tues.